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Canopy Cops Tree Service LLC is a one owner operation. When more hands are needed, Canopy Cops hires sub-contractors to help. These people often hire Canopy Cops in return and range from old classmates to family members.


Elliot Kramer 

Owner/Arborist/Certified Crane Operator

I started this company in Jan of 2017 under the name Kramer Logging where I began my career as a contract timber faller. My passion for trees and chainsaws quickly took me skyward when I signed up for aerial tree work and urban tree maintenance classes at Mid-State Tech in Wisconsin Rapids (2017). I immediately fell in love with the arboriculture industry and have been climbing trees ever since. I changed the company name to Canopy Cops Tree Service LLC and started purchasing bigger and better equipment. While my passion for trees, chainsaws, and climbing bring me joy, my greatest satisfaction comes from using these passions to serve the members of my community.


Isaac Kramer

Contract Climber/Certified Crane Operator

I am Elliot's twin brother. I started my company as a sole proprietor in the spring of 2020 and contract with Canopy Cops Tree Service LLC, Remi's Tree Service LLC, Arbor Lane Tree Care LLC, Serenity Farms Landscaping, Jake's Arboriculture Service LLC, Jack's Lawn & Landscape, and others. As a contract climber/crane operator I pride myself on my safety and productivity. As I have spent the last several years as a heavy equipment operator for an environmental construction company I am often the preferred operator on any major equipment.


Dillion Rodgers

Owner of Little Bears Tree Service

I met Elliot when he was contract climbing for the landscape company I worked for at the time. A year or so later after I had left that company I bought some climbing gear and started my tree service. I often contract with Canopy Cops when I have time in my busy schedule.


Sam Lane 

Owner of Arbor Lane Tree Care

Elliot and I go way back. We met at mid-state tech in the aerial tree work class and were the first two students to buy all of our own climbing gear. We have helped each other grow our companies and have pushed each other to become the best arborists we could be. We share many miserable memories together which somehow makes our relationship pretty special.

Jake Clausing
Owner of Jake's Arboriculture 

I am a contract climber hired occasionally by Canopy Cops Tree Service LLC when they need another climber or equipment operator. I grew up in Neenah but moved away to work for Davey Tree Experts where I got to hone my skills as a climbing arborist. I specialize in advanced tree pruning and technical crane removals. I am a passionate hunter and am currently in school to pursue a full time career in fire fighting. 

Michael Morrison
Owner of 
Morrison Tree Service LLC

Michael Morrison is another climber I met at Mid State Tech while in aerial tree work class. He runs his own tree service in the Stevens Point area but like me contract climbs to fill his schedule and grow his skills/connections. You may see him and even some of his equipment on the jobsite!

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